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Name: tabs225m11

Depth: 1400

Location: 32.79399°/34.38306°

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 Sensor nameDescriptionModel
Current VelocityNear Surface Doppler Current Sensor (depth: 1m)DCS4830 Z-Pulse
ADCPAcoustic Doppler Current Profiler75 kHz ADCP Workhorse Monitor
FluorometerFluorometer - Chlorophyll(μg/L) & Turbidity(NTU) (depth: 1m)Turner C3
SalinityMeasures salinity(PSU), conductivity(S/m) & temprature(C) (depth: 1m)Seabird Electronics - SBE37-SI [microcat]
Sea tempratureMeasures temprature(C) in different depths - (5m - 85m in steps of 10m)Sound-nine Ulti-Modem
Weather StationExternal temprature(C) & humidity(RH%), wind velocity(Metres/second), pressure(millibars) (installed 3m above sea)Gill - MetPak
AnemometerMeasures wind velocity (Metres/second) - installed 3m above seaGill - WindSonic
RadiometerStandard Precision Pyranometer (shortwave Iradiance) & precision Infrared Radiometer (longwave Iradiance)MCBH8F
humidityExternal humidity(RH%) - installed 3m above seaRotronics - mp101a
TempratureExternal temprature(C) - installed 3m above seaRotronics - mp101a
BarometerBarometric pressure(millibars) - installed 3m above seaVaisala - PTB210
Sea waveswaves higth(Meters)Lord MicroStrain - 3DM-GX25
FluorescenceFluorometer - Chlorophyll(μg/L) & Turbidity(NTU) (depth: 1m)Wet Labs - ECOFLNTUS
ADCPAcoustic Doppler Current Profilersignature 250
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